So Wrong: Preview Chapter





Bonita may play the Good Girl, but he has every intention of bringing out her bad side.

After all, he’s just your typical, rich, bad boy with the mysteriously dangerous past.

The boy with the disreputable reputation, and even more disreputable father.

The boy with the secrets that he keeps hidden from everyone, even Bonita….


A pastor’s daughter, she’s been good her whole life, and River Wright is just So Wrong in every way.

He’s a distraction…an exciting and gorgeous distraction, but trouble all the same.

He may end up ruining everything if she lets it go too far.

After all, she’s got secrets of her own.

A STAND ALONE +75K word IR BWWM Romance that is spin off from the Wright Brothers Series, with a HEA Happy Ending. All main characters are over the age of 18 years old.

WARNING: This book includes graphic and steamy scenes, violence, and adult language, so 18+ only!!



She’s gorgeous.

River Wright stopped in his tracks as he saw the girl at the end of the aisle looking at a stapled set of papers with a wrinkle in her brow.

What made him first take notice was the dress she wore. In a sea of yoga pants and booty shorts with “Juicy” or “Pink” splashed across the ass, which seemed to be the unofficial uniform of your average coed, she had on a sleeveless, knee-length dress. The dress was white with blue flowers and feminine to the point of being old fashioned, complete with a skirt that looked perfect for twirling. It even had a damn bow tied around the back, which he noticed when she turned to pluck a book off the shelf and stick it in the basket she was holding.

The dress was what had caught his attention. The body that it covered is what kept it. River’s eyes wandered down her amazing curves, swerving in and out like a perfect S.

Tiffany Brookstone bumped into his broad back. It was an annoying reminder that she had joined him on this little venture.

“What are you doing?” she asked in an irritated voice, too drunk to notice that his attention wasn’t on her.

His focus stayed on the girl as she tucked a thick strand of hair behind her ear where one arm of her glasses rested.


Normally not a look guys went for, but on her it was like the smile on the Mona Lisa: intriguing. As far as River was concerned, it was the very thing that made her appealing, highlighting her beauty rather than detracting from it.

River’s eyes were drawn down to her full lips as she placed one finger tip on her tongue and brought it down to turn a page of the stapled sheets she had in her hand.

It was the most erotic thing he had ever seen. He felt his dick twitch as he thought of  how he would give anything to have any part of his body switch places with that finger.

The girl had the natural coloring that many of his friends at Pierre University had no doubt tried hard all summer to achieve during their time spent on various Mediterranean or Caribbean beaches. It was a flawlessly smooth hazelnut brown, that instantly made him wonder if she herself had any tan lines underneath that dress hugging her body so admirably.

“Um, are we going to stand here all night?” Tiffany asked into his back. She wrapped her arms around his waist and giggled. “‘Cause I can think of more enjoyable ways to spend the evening.”

That was the exact moment the girl looked up at both of them.

Of course it was.

One raised eyebrow, then she was back to her papers, looking back and forth between them and the shelves in front of her.

Dammit, Tiffany.

“Hey,” he said to Tiffany behind him, disengaging her arms from around him. “Why don’t you go pick out a t-shirt or something? A present for tagging along with me tonight.”

Tiffany sighed and without even looking, he knew she was rolling her eyes. “Why would I want a t-shirt from this stupid university?” she asked.

“Because you actually go here,” he said in an irritated tone.  She gave another sigh and ventured off, leaving River free to make his move on the girl as she collected books from the shelf in front of her.

River sauntered down the aisle, plastering that cocky grin on his face that he had long ago discovered girls liked. He was glad he had avoided using any of the baskets in the bookstore as he collected the load of books currently in his arms. Something about carrying one around had toyed with his ideas of manliness that, in the back of his mind, he knew was textbook machismo. All the same, he was semi-cognizant of the way his biceps and delts instinctively flexed as he carried the heavy load through the aisle on his way over to her.

Right now she was reaching up to try and grab a book from the top shelf and River stopped to watch, his grin getting wider as he looked at her from behind.

Hello, sweetheart.

She stuck the toe of her shoe on the bottom shelf to give herself a few inches, which made her smooth brown calves more pronounced. The heel of her foot slipped out of the flat she had on. It somehow made the scene even more erotic, the arch of her foot only adding to the wealth of curves she had to offer. Her ass became more round and taut now that her body was stretched out. The cherry on top of this visual ice cream sundae was the extra hint of back thigh that was revealed as the hem of her skirt rose ever so slightly.

Just a little bit higher please.

It would have been a sin not to help the poor girl out. River grinned as he hefted his stack of books under one arm, holding it up against his hip.  He came up right behind her, pressing his body lightly against hers as he reached above her to grab the book that she was obviously going for. She had an intoxicating smell…peaches? coconut? Some alluring mix of the two.

“Wha—?” A surprised yelp escaped her lips.

She twisted around under him with indignant squeak. Gorgeous brown eyes blinked up at him over the edge of her glasses that were falling down her round little nose.  The thick lashes fluttered for a second as she took him in, then the frown appeared. She pushed him away.

He hadn’t anticipated that and fell back two steps with a laugh, easily catching his balance. Then he held the book out to her.

“Here you go,” he said, plastering on that grin again.

She made an irritated grab for it, but before she could reach it, he lifted it well above her head. She was probably only five-foot-five or -six, which gave him at least an eight-inch advantage.

“How about a name first?” he teased.

The irritation turned to anger. “How about you just give me the book?”

“Oh,” he pouted, “and after I went to the trouble of being a Good Samaritan.”

“Good Samaritan?” she said with a sharp laugh. “I don’t recall the part of the Bible where the Samaritan presses his body up against the back of the helpless traveler.”

River chuckled. “Well, if you want to start getting into discussions of a biblical nature,” his grin deepened, “I’m more than happy—”

“How does your girlfriend feel about you playing the Good Samaritan like this?” she interrupted with a raised eyebrow. He didn’t miss the sarcastic emphasis on the word “Good.”


“Here you go, babe!” Tiffany shouted as her arms came around him, one holding out a purple Pierre University women’s baby t-shirt. He saw Bonita’s eyebrows go up in affirmation at the word “babe.”

The arm he was using to holding the book over the girl’s head faltered and sagged just enough for the girl to jump up and grab it out of his hand.

“Yoink!” she actually yelped, which he found absurdly comical. Then she back-walked away from him with a grin.

“Thanks, babe,” she taunted, then pushed her glasses up her nose with one finger—one very deliberately chosen finger.  With that, she spun around causing the skirt of her dress to twirl just the way he imagined it would.

Tiffany gasped behind him. “Did that girl just give you the middle finger?” she asked, outraged. “She has some nerve.”

“She certainly does,” River said, mostly to himself as he smiled.

He was done with his own shopping and considered following the girl. First though, he had to deal with the one drunkenly attached to his waist.

“Hey, I think I saw some Vogue Magazines up front. Why don’t you go wait for me there?” Before she could argue, River spun Tiffany around leading her in that direction. He watched to make sure that she actually made it there without face-planting it on the floor, then rushed to get in line behind the girl in the blue and white dress.

* * *

Boys don’t make passes at girls with glasses.

“Or so they say,” Bonita Jackson muttered to herself as she adjusted hers while she stood in line at the front of the university bookstore.

That last bit with the finger had been bad. So bad. Where had that even come from? Already Pierre University was having a bad influence on her.  The old Bonita would have never even fathomed such a lewd gesture.

She wondered what her father, the good Reverend Maurice Jackson, would have to say about it, and on a Sunday of all days.  A twinge of shame hit her. Then she brushed it away. The whole point of moving up here was to get away from her parents and maybe be a bit bad.

Mission accomplished, Bonita.

“Or so who says?” she heard a voice behind her inquire.

She blinked and looked back. It was him, minus the girlfriend, who Bonita suspected was a wee bit under the influence.

“Are you following me?”

He held up the books in his arm. “Last minute text book shopping, like yourself. Speaking of which, are you a new student here? I haven’t seen you around, and I definitely would have noticed someone like you.”  He grinned down at her.

“Transfer student,” she said curtly, then turned to face the counter.

Fortunately, she was called next, which eliminated any further interrogation, or flirting.

Unfortunately, the cashier right next to hers opened up, which put him right back by her side. The sudden tingle she’d felt when his body had pressed against her backside in the stacks returned.  It was horrible to have those kinds of thoughts about a boy who was obviously already taken. Thankfully, his crass attitude kept it in check.

She could feel his eyes on her as she waited for her books to be rung up. The only reason she was here so late at night, and the day before classes to boot, was because Reverend Howard had kept her so late after church, then invited her to dinner with his family.  She couldn’t very well have said no. Her parents would have been appalled.  Now, still in her church clothes, she looked like an exceptionally tan Audrey Hepburn amid a sea of Paris Hiltons.

Way to fit in, Bonita.

On top of that, the money from her college fund had taken a long time to transfer. Too long.  She’d have to ask her parents about that when she got a chance. Why they wouldn’t just let her have control of it was beyond her. She was 20 years old, what did they think she would do with it all, blow it at the racetrack?

“Will there be anything else?” she heard the cashier next to hers ask the boy. His clerk was obviously more efficient at handling the scanner than hers, who had to take three tries just to get each book to go through. As if the night hadn’t been long enough already.

Bonita made the mistake of glancing his way and found the boy looking at her with a grin. “Why not?” he said, grabbing a few pens in the Pierre University colors of purple and gold and placing them on top of the pile. “I’m suddenly feeling rather…tumescent with school pride.”

Bonita rolled her eyes at that.  She reached into her purse to pull out her bank card now that her cashier was finally down to the last book.  She held it in her hand, willing the scanner to just work so she could leave already. She was so focused on the scanner she didn’t notice the boy’s head lean over to read the name on her card

“Bo-nee-ta Jackson,” she heard his voice say over her shoulder. “Beautiful. I like it; it suits you.”

She brought her card into her chest and turned to him with an annoyed sigh. “It looks like someone needs to brush up on their Spanish 1. Bonita actually means—”

“Pretty. I know,” he grinned. “It just seemed so inadequate. Beautiful suits you better.”

“That will be $547. 67,” his cashier said.

He kept his smile on Bonita as he pulled out a black credit card and placed it on the counter.

The cashier picked it up and handed it back to him. “Sorry Mr. Wright, we don’t take American Express; Visa or MasterCard only.”

There was a slight grimace when the cashier said his name. He sighed and flipped through his wallet to pull out a platinum card instead.

Her own cashier finally managed to  scan the last book. $489.57. Good grief, Pierre University was going to kill her with the amount she had to fork over. Thank heavens she had a college fund.

“Well, it was very nice to meet you, pretty.” Bonita felt it more than she heard it, as Mr. Wright whispered the words across her right ear, then walked away.

Despite herself, a shiver of electricity shot straight through her.

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