Comin’ This Summer… Texas Heat!

Now that the Wright Brothers have completed their Happily Ever Afters…it’s time for a new series! I hope y’all are ready for some heat, Texas Style! I Give you:

Texas Heat Romance Series


Having lived in Houston for more than a second, I am, and always will be an official Texan. Because that’s how they roll, God bless ’em. So obviously, I had to create my own official ode to the state…and the hot men that live there. Fun fact: My first ever date was to a shooting range. How’s that for Texas?

That said, forget all your clichés about Texas…except the part about everything being bigger down there. Yes, that pun was intended in every which way. In this series, you have a Baseball Player, a Poker Professional, and a Ranch Owner. But there is more to these bad boys than meets the eye. Find out this summer!

At any rate, to start the series, we have Home Run (formerly known as Slugger Fever)!

Sluger FeverSMALL

Coming June 26, 2017!


It was the sound that would change their lives forever. 

Carter Fox is the powerful home run hitter for the Houston Sluggers.

Baseball was the only good thing in his life.

Then she winds up with one of his home run balls in her hand.

Jordan Douglas has three priorities in life: Law school. Graduation. Job.

There is absolutely no room for a  playboy baller.

Then she winds up with one of his home run balls in her hand.

An overt show of bravado.

A case of misread intentions.

A slanted news piece that gets picked up nationally.

Pretty soon all of Houston is talking.

Damage control leads to something deeper…

…until a tiny, little curve ball is thrown into both their lives.

Now the game is changed forever.

This is a Stand Alone, BWWM  Romance in the Texas Heat Romance Books, with an Unexpected Baby.

WARNING: Due to quite a few extra steamy scenes, and Adult language 18+ only!!

Preview chapters coming soon!

After that:

High Stakes: July 2017

Hard Sell: August 2017