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The Nordic Lightning

NordicPlayer copy

Hockey is my game.

She’s my goal.


Fast. Hot. Electrifying.

With a grin that could melt ice.

My life was going just fine here in Brooklyn where I’ve lived all my life.

Then, the player they call the Nordic Lightning came skating into it.

What I know about hockey I could fit on the tip of my little finger.

I know even less about Erik Sørenson.

But I’m a fast learner.

Almost as fast as he is in those skates.

I’ve learned he’s a Swedish import…or is it Norwegian?

I’ve learned he does things on the ice that make my head spin.

I’ve learned he’s the playmaker, the one that helps his teammates score—both on and off the ice.

Which is why I’m more shocked than anyone when he’s the one asking me out…in the most public way possible.

But our worlds are as different as night and day.

So what happens when the player who is constantly on the move meets up with the woman who is happily rooted in place?

From Brooklyn to Scandinavia, this is another BWWM Stand Alone in the International Legacies Romance series.

WARNING: Due to adult content, 18+ Only

The French Thief

French Thief SMALL

She was my rival.

Now, she’s just MINE.


Cocky. Enigmatic. Seductive as sin.

Appearing when and where I least expect him.

Is he just a chameleon?

Or a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

I try to resist but the draw is just too strong.

Little by little he cracks my facade.

I soon learn he knows everything about me…

Including the fact that I have my eye set on a valuable painting that disappeared in Occupied France during WWII.

The problem is, he’s after the same painting.

Now he’s offering to help me steal it.

I soon learn some offers are too good to be true…

From the corporate high rises of New York to the gorgeous sights and bright lights of Paris, find out the truth behind the betrayal in this Stand Alone book in the International Legacies Romance series.

WARNING: Due to adult content, 18+ Only


The Italian Heir

Italian Heir New copy

One week in paradise.

One surprise that lasts…FOREVER

This is a BWWM Romance in the International Legacies Romance series.


Tall. Dark. Handsome.

Seductive. Enigmatic. Dominant.

He was my knight in shining armor that fateful morning in Naples.

When he invited me to his tiny Italian island paradise, I was too far under his spell to say no.

For one full week, I was uninhibitedly his.

No ties.

No pressure.

The best-laid plans…

Now, I’m back home in Seattle.

I’m definitely tied…and the pressure is on.

I have a tiny surprise that will last forever.

But Lorenzo is the heir to a dark legacy he wants no part of.

What will he do when he finds out he has an heir of his own?

WARNING: Due to A LOT of steamy scenes, several vices, and adult language 18+ Only!


Archer: Ex-Billionaire


Archer Bennett

I’m never going to win any Mr. Personality contests. The only thing that matters to me is the company I built with my recently deceased brother. Period.

I have neither the time nor the inclination for relationships.

Now, the future of the company lies in the hands of my five-year-old nephew Stuart…

…and my brother’s insufferable sister-in-law, Simone Parker, who has just been named his guardian.

Simone Parker, who makes a living as a “fashion blogger.”

Simone Parker, who has no idea how a trust is run.

Simone Parker, I hoped to never lay eyes on again.

There’s no way I’m leaving the fate of my nephew or my company in the hands of that woman.

But fate has other ideas, and now the only solution for both of us is to join forces and…get married?

The first STAND ALONE book of the: EX-CLUB ROMANCE series.

No Cliffhangers!  HEA Happy Ending.

WARNING: Due to adult scenes, language, and adult situations, for 18+ only!

Hard Sell: A Texas Heat Romance

Hard Sell 2


All she needs me to do is sign on the dotted line to sell my Texas ranch…quick and easy.

But I’m anything but quick and easy, as she’ll soon find out.

Especially since that girl from my high school football days is nothing like this gorgeous woman standing on my front porch.

If she thinks I’ll go soft on her…she has another thing coming.


Once upon a time I was in awe of Cole.

He didn’t even know I was alive.

But that shy, awkward teenager is long gone.

Now I’m all woman, and it’s strictly business.

I’ve come for Cole’s signature. Period.

I plan on closing this sale…no matter how hard he makes me work for it.

This is a Stand-Alone BWWM Romance in the Texas Heat Romance Books. No Cliffhangers! HEA Happy Ending.


High Stakes: A Texas Heat Romance

HIgh Stakes

A Poker Professional who plays it by ear. A Statistics Professor who plans every detail. Will love win…even when the stakes get too high? 

His name is no coincidence. All his life he’s taken chances.
Chance is how his days of playing poker came to an end.
Chance is how Juliet first came into his life.
She’s one risk that’s paid off, even though they are as different as oil and water.
Now he’ll risk it all to keep her by his side…even when his past catches up with him.

Rhyme and reason rule her life.
Everything from her commute to work to her choice in men, is carefully analyzed for the best possible outcome.
Then Chance storms into her life like a hurricane, throwing all caution to the wind.
With him, nothing is predictable…and it’s perfect in every way.
But can two people who are as different as night day make it work?
Will she be willing to risk it all to find out…no matter how high the stakes are?

This is a Stand Alone, BWWM Romance in the Texas Heat Romance Books.

WARNING: Due to steamy, graphic adult situations and language, and violence, for 18+ only!

Home Run: A Texas Heat Romance

Sluger FeverSMALL


It was the sound that would change their lives forever.

Carter Fox is the powerful home run hitter for the Houston Sluggers.

Baseball was the only good thing in his life.

Then she winds up with one of his home run balls in her hand.
Jordan Douglas has three priorities in life: Law school. Graduation. Job.

There is absolutely no room for a playboy baller.

Then she winds up with one of his home run balls in her hand.

An overt show of bravado.

A case of misread intentions.

A slanted news piece that gets picked up nationally.

Pretty soon all of Houston is talking.

Damage control leads to something deeper…
…until a tiny, little curve ball is thrown into both their lives.

Now the game is changed forever.

This is a STAND ALONE, BWWM Romance in the Texas Heat Romance Books, with an Unexpected Baby.

WARNING: Due to quite a few extra steamy scenes, and Adult language 18+ only!!

So Wrong


She may play the Good Girl, but he has every intention of bringing out her Bad Side.

After all, he’s just your typical, rich bad boy with the dangerously mysterious past.


The one with the disreputable reputation, and even more disreputable father.

The one with the secrets that he keeps hidden from everyone, even her….


A pastor’s daughter, she’s been good her whole life, and River Wright is just So Wrong in every way.

He’s a distraction…an exciting and thrilling distraction.

He may end up ruining everything if she lets it go too far.

After all, she’s got secrets of her own….

A subtle twist on the classic, Beauty and the Beast, this is a STAND ALONE +75K word, IR, BWWM Romance. HEA Happy Ending. All main characters are adults.

WARNING: This book includes graphic and steamy scenes, violence, and adult language, so 18+ only!!



Layla Brown didn’t care that the latest Jake Steele novel-turned-blockbuster was being filmed in her little Napa Valley town…until disaster happens, ruining her business and good name.

Patrick Fitzgerald, the high-powered, playboy attorney at Lion Studios now has to charm the pants off the one woman who has been immune to his charms since day one. Never mind that the idea of getting her pants off is something he’s been thinking of since the first moment he met her.

Both sides respond in such an outrageously surprising way that the entire nation takes notice….including a threat from Layla’s past.

Will old dangers and new betrayals force Layla and Patrick to stop butting heads long enough to realize what everyone else around them has already figured out?

They were meant to be together.

WARNING: Due to (lots!) of (fairly explicit!) sexual scenes, and adult language, this book is for readers 18+ only!!

MR. WRIGHT & MR. WRONG (Wright Brothers Book 1)

Wright and WrongFINALSmall

It started with a kiss, a very public kiss…with the wrong man.

Brooklyn Jefferson thought it was fate when Michael Wright, the man of her dreams, handed her a ticket to the Knicks’ game.

Then Brooklyn meets his younger brother, Alex.
Then Michael meets her older sister, London.

Pretty soon both families are involved, and a simple love triangle is beginning to look more like a Rubik’s Cube.

Things get even stickier when the Jeffersons and the Wrights find themselves on opposing sides of the upcoming New York Mayoral election.

When dual scandals break out that have the potential to ruin both families, will love trump political ambition?

WARNING: Due to (lots!) of (fairly explicit!) sexual scenes, and adult language, this book is for readers 18+ only!!

DISCLAIMER: Although this is the first part in a 2-part series, it can be read as a stand alone, complete with a HFN ending!

MR. & MRS. WRIGHT (Wright Brothers Book 2)

Mr and Mrs WrightSMALL

Yes, the Happily Ever After is revealed in the title…but isn’t the journey there half the fun?

Both the Jefferson sisters and Wright brothers have found love, but each couple will soon find the strength of their relationship put to the test by outside forces.

London’s image is dragged through the mud as a startling accusation is made against her in the media. Will Michael’s plan to escape on a European adventure bring them closer together…or just make things worse?

Meanwhile, Brooklyn and Alex find the strength of their love put to the test when a rival from his wild and party-filled past is hell bent on destroying not only Brooklyn’s life in New York, but also her relationship with Alex…in the most scandalous way possible.

As the Wright men fight to protect the women they love…even bigger surprises come to light, which create a shocking turn of events.

WARNING: Due to (lots!) of (fairly explicit!) sexual scenes, and adult language, this book is for readers 18+ only!!




Natalie was simply enjoying the final night of a Girls’ Weekend by herself in the lounge area of the hotel after a nasty break up. The stranger on the other side of the fireplace was only supposed to be a rebound, one-night stand.

Somehow she became his muse.

Now the world is wondering who the inspiration for Jake Steele’s sexy new character is.


Jake was simply enjoying his usual ritual of sipping some very expensive whiskey to celebrate the completion of his seventh novel. The stranger on the other side of the fireplace was only supposed to be an enjoyable, one-time distraction.

Somehow she became his muse.

Now he can’t get her out of his head.

When Natalie confronts Jake in a bookstore, after reading the details of their tryst in his new novel, will the fireworks that ensue lead to disaster…or true love?

This is a humorous, stand-alone BWWM Interracial Romance, HAE novel.

WARNING: Due to (lots!) of (fairly explicit!) sexual scenes, and adult language, this book is for readers 18+ only!!

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